About us

Replior is a privately held software solutions company focused on clinical trial support systems and offering a full suite of data collection products.

Replior develops in-house software and delivers Software as a Service, SaaS, solutions to Pharma companies and CROs.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm and has offices in Lund, Sweden, and Split, Croatia.

The EDC product Trial Online has been in operation since the year 2000, collecting data in over 1000 trials. Trial Online is a trusted eCRF provider for thousands of clinical studies made over the years, from small Phase I trials to global Phase III/IV trials. Trial Online ePRO provides participant diary and questionnaire service to clinical studies.

About Trial Online EDC and ePRO

In early 2016, Trial Online ePRO was launched. Trial Online ePRO can be used as an integrated service with Trial Online EDC or as a stand-alone service.

In 2019, the Trial Online ePRO app and eConsent tool were launched.

Trial Online is owned by Replior AB as a part of the Hiberion Group.

Meet the team

Christer Nilsson


Pontus Boman

Senior Executive

Jonas Billing

Business Development

Anders Ottosson

Business Development

Jonas Boström

Development Manager

Tony Forsberg

Quality Assurance Manager
& Data Protection Officer

Kikki Franklin Boström

Marketing & Design

Therapeutic Areas

Trial Online has conducted over 1000 studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our software can accommodate the most complex of clinical trial designs, with an easy and time-saving set-up. Conducting a trial has never been easier.

  • 100% Web-based EDC and ePRO
  • Clients are able to perform all activities themselves
  • Easy and fast set up of the complete system
  • Fully compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and GCP
  • Hosted on a secure dedicated server
  • User-friendly
  • Medical coding: MedDRA and WHO-DD
  • Flexible and fast eCRF design
  • Facilitates networking with specialists and partners
  • Cost-effective even for small MedTech and BioTech studies
  • Easy construction of Data Sets – adaptable data export
  • E-training

Our Products


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Next-generation participant data collection for validated questionnaires on participants own phone, or Replior provided pre-installed phones.

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Proven EDC system based on 20 years and over 1000 trials track record. Fully role-based to enable review, query, verify, approve and sign-off on forms to produce quality data.

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Virtual Visits

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Enable participant convenience of in-home virtual trial visits through video calls. Move visits from in-clinic to the home, conduct Virtual Visits to capture data, increase engagement and security.

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Enables participants and researchers to take the first critical contact remotely in a safe and secure way

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