Trial Online EDC

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Software

Replior’s Trial Online EDC is feature-rich, fulfilling the needs of even the most complex trials. Clinical sites appreciate the system’s easy to use and intuitive approach. Quick trial setup gives a short lead time for you to start collecting data.

Trial Online is not just another EDC system

Clinical Trial EDC systems are an important part of every clinical trial. Selecting the right EDC helps address inefficiencies on the operational side of research, from clinical trial planning stages through preparation, performance, and reporting.

There is a growing need to address the complex process of electronic data capture implementation and select systems with proven interoperability as more and more pharma and biotech sponsors start to recognize the potential opportunities that exist with EDC-ePRO integration.

Our EDC allows the customer to configure their solution entirely through the front end with our easy to use trial builder.

Every configuration includes:

Role-based access

Edit check validators

Skip/add logic

Derived calculations

And more


Simple User interface

Enable your site staff to enter data rapidly and accurately with logical user flow and form rules like edit checks. Calculated variables ensure that figures (BMI, imperial to metric, etc.) are always reliable. Data is saved automatically once it is entered ensuring no data is lost.

Regulatory submissions
From ICH/GCP and 21 CFR Part 11 to GDPR and HIPAA, we provide you with complete confidence that your data is compliant with our tools, so you can focus on the trial. To ensure data security over the internet, Trial Online features 256-bit HTTPS data encryption.