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Trial Online ePRO

Electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO) Software

Move your trial surveys from paper-based to a secure and cost effective online ePRO platform.

About ePRO

Trial Online’s ePRO was designed with functionality in mind and user-friendliness is at the core of our system. The ePRO system is an extensive toolbox with app capability for both CROs and Pharmaceutical companies to create optimal clinical trial patient engagement. An end-to-end solution, ePRO provides enhanced support for patients while optimizing the full benefits of electronic data capture.

Native App

Trial Online ePRO is provided as a native app available for download in Apple’s AppStore for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.

A native app enriches the patient experience by allowing more user-friendly solutions to be implemented such as push messaging.

Trial Online’s ePRO is also available in any web browser from a desktop computer.


NEW: Patient Groups

Divide patients into groups that decides events and questionnaires the patients will get.

User-friendly and Customizable

Tailored functionality and trial specific customization can be created to suit your specific trial needs.

The Trial Online ePRO native patient app is built to support patients to seamlessly integrate clinical trial participation into their daily life.

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Supporting patients is critical for the success of any clinical trial.
That’s why TrialOnline’s ePRO system allows your study to notify patients for a variety of needs.

From medication reminders, to upcoming scheduled visit notifications, to questionnaire and survey deadlines keeping the timeline on track.

It also offers a tailored plan for compliance delivered directly to patients' devices.

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Woman looking at ePro on app

Optimizing the ePRO System

Maximize patient engagement and trial completion while capturing critical data and maintaining compliance.

Trial Online’s ePRO system includes dedicated pages to each step of the study featuring logbooks, patient diaries, questionnaires, treatment info center, progress bar and gamification all available in the ePro app as well.
doctor and treatment-01doctor and treatment-01
You can describe and configure the treatment scheme(s) giving patients as much information as required about each step of a treatment and how to comply with procedures.
ePRO app on mobile phoneePRO app on mobile phone
The App captures protocol-required data, both study specific customized data as well as industry standard, validated questionnaires.
ePRO reports shown on computerePRO reports shown on computer
Real-time alerts and reports to the study site ensure full compliance and safety overview of patient and activities.
ePRO scoring shown on computerePRO scoring shown on computer
Automatic scoring gives an overview of the results of a questionnaire. Scoring can be programmed for any questionnaire.
Woman looking at ePro on appWoman looking at ePro on app
Each patient's personal progress throughout the trial is captured and displayed in a progress bar.
ePRO app awards on mobile phoneePRO app awards on mobile phone
Milestones and patients’ achievements in a trial can be rewarded by trophies. Each trial can define when the patient will receive the awards.

For example: after a certain number of answered questionnaires, length of time in the trial, compliance rate or something (measurable) and unique to your trial.
ePRO dashboard shown on computerePRO dashboard shown on computer
The data can be seamlessly integrated with an EDC system.

Device Independent

The ePRO system provides the ability to design symptom severity and/or quality of life surveys accessible to patients on any phone, tablet and portal.
You can select either BYOD or provisioned devices, or a combination.

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Real-time access to the diary data ensures entries are made as scheduled by patients, and not in a batch immediately before the clinic visit.

The ”ePRO App” can be used on Android, iOS or Web and has the flexibility to collect data in real time from any medical devices or the patient’s own internet-enabled device.

It has never been easier to run clinical trials and keep up-to-date information in one place, that is accessible 24/7 through any mobile device!

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News: Integrate Trial Online ePRO with your current eCRF/EDC system.

With the Trial Online ePRO Integration you can seamlessly combine your current EDC system with Trial Online’s state of the art ePRO system.

With the integration API, Trial Online synchronizes the data between Trial Online ePRO and your EDC system, so that new data from the EDC system will be added automatically to your Trial Online ePRO configuration/system.

The Trial Online integration allows clients that are already fully integrated with a EDC system outside Trial Online, to use all of Trial Online’s ePRO products and therefore no longer limits the choice of ePRO system.

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